How This Works

The Dam to Dam Relay is a 100k road race that consist of 12 legs ranging from 3 to 7.5 miles each. The twelve legs make it easy to divide among a team of 2, 3, 4, or 6 runners. So figure out how much fun you want to have and assemble a team. You will need to have an idea of the team pace as it is needed to set the start times. Team pace would be the 10k pace for all your runners averaged together. A few weeks before the race your team will get a start time. On race day, your team will come to the start line at the Lake Murray Dam and check-in 30 minutes before you start. Each team is only allowed ONE vehicle on the course and at exchange zones. Once your first runner leaves, the team will drive to the next exchange and wait. The next runner takes over when their first runner shows up and the process continues all the way to Lake Greenwood Dam. Each team provides its own support food, water, first aid, etc. Exchange zones will have bathrooms.


Once you have a team, someone will have to register the team with a team name and pay the entry fee. This person will be the captain and will get emails with updates, like start times, leg updates, etc. That person will be responsible for submitting a team list and team member information by Jan 15th. They will also have to bring signed waivers from their teammates at check-in. All the forms required will be sent to team captains in December.


You will be able to pick up bibs and team packets the day before the race or on the race morning. You will also receive a support vehicle tag that must be displayed for parking at exchange zones. ONLY ONE VEHICLE PER TEAM IS ALLOWED ON THE COURSE. Other vehicles will not be allowed at exchange zones as parking will be limited.

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