Feb 18, 2023

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Team Relay Run

12 Legs 100 Kilometers

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The History

How it Started

The Dam to Dam Relay was created by Simon Froese and Matt Porth after running a 200 mile relay race through the mountains in the fall of 2017. They immediately decided that a local race would be a great way to introduce the relay style race to their friends who may be intimidated by a 200 mile overnight adventure.

They wanted to create a local race that would be an easier transition for new runners and gave a taste of what relay running is about. The 100k distance seemed to be a good distance to accommodate that.

Year One

The first annual Dam to Dam Relay was more of a test run. Fourteen teams from F3 Lexington, F3 Lake Murray, and F3 Saluda showed up and ran. For Free. The race was a lot of fun and expectations were exceeded. The vision shifted towards making the race bigger and better.

Part of making it better was to support local organizations that are part of the community. They also wanted to be able to give to the churches that provided exchange zones along the way. To do that, they needed to actually charge for the race. Staying in the same framework of easily accessible, the entry fees are minimal.

This race is designed to be accommodating to any runner but challenging as well. The course makes its way from the Dam at Lake Murray through the Saluda County to Lake Greenwood Dam.

2022 Dam To Dam Relay Results

The Dam to Dam Relay is a 100k running team relay from Lake Murray Dam in Lexington, SC through back country roads to Lake Greenwood Dam. There are 12 legs which can be split between 2, 3, 4, or 6 teammates equally.

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Our Presenting Sponsor

Charitable Partner

The Dam to Dam Relay is proud to support Mission Lexington as our charitable partners

Mission Lexington helps over 30,000 people annually with emergency needs, which range from helping elderly couples with grocery bills to covering funeral expenses for families who have lost children. Mission Lexington has grown exponentially over the last 40 years. They have expanded to include a thrift store, food pantry, and donation center. They also offer social services and guidance from their administration office located in downtown Lexington. To learn more and donate visit Mission Lexington.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dam to Dam offer volunteer opportunities?

We will need volunteers for race day. From putting up signs to setting up start and finish lines we will need some volunteers to pull it off. Please email us for details.

How long are the teams given to complete the race?

The race starts at 5 am and we will have waves of teams leaving every 15 minutes. Each team must be finished by 5 pm. That gives teams 12 hours to complete the 100k. Team captains need to make sure that submit the correct team pace so we can schedule the start accordingly.